Preparation and characterization of new flame retarded ABS formulations (from month 1-16)

Once properly functionalised nanoparticles(WP1) they will be introduced in ABS formulations (using the two approachexplained previously) by melt blending. This WP is interactive with WP1 givinginformation to it in order to select and/or modify new nanoparticles.

Chemical characterization (by FTIRand ATR-FTIR), morphological investigation (SEM and TEM), mechanical, impactand rheological properties of these ABS compounds modified with the new HFFRwill be done.

In this WP the study and modification of ABSthermal degradation pathways will be also address. In particular, thepossibility to promote charring of ABS by the addition of specific halogen freechemical additives will be addressed

This WP will assess also the effectiveness ofnew HFFR in ABS formulations in terms of fire performance (cone calorimeter),including smoke density. Smoke density and flammability do not vary the sameway and have to be controlled separately